“Oberig” is not just a team of specialists, it is a union of those who strive for victory. We are people from different fields, highly qualified specialists who know how to make the impossible possible. We are designers, engineers, technologists, molders, millers, presses, modelers, masons and many other professions who have found their calling in creating reliable protection for those who stand guard over our safety and victory.


Our goal is to provide our soldiers with high-quality and reliable Ukrainian-made bulletproof helmets and reduce losses on the battlefield. To make the world safer and provide the maximum level of protection for those who protect our Ukraine.


To protect the lives of those who protect us. Help defeat the enemy once and for all!
We believe in our mission and know that our helmets help preserve the lives and health of our soldiers. We don’t just make protection – we create security for those who need it. Dedication to one’s work, professionalism and constant striving for improvement – these are our key values.


One of the main production goals of the “Oberig” team is the constant development and implementation of the latest technologies for the production of bulletproof helmets. We aim to reduce the weight of the product, increase the level of protection and ensure maximum comfort and safety for our defenders. Our team is focused on constantly and intelligently improving our manufacturing processes and using innovative materials and technologies to achieve this goal.